Terms of engagement

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ol trunt
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Terms of engagement

Post by ol trunt »

I ran across the following quote on another forum and about laughed my arse off because I know it has happened to me--- more than once. Jack

A newbee to the forum had just described the bus he was looking at buying. He said: "Just getting started! Does this sound like a good idea?

A long time member quickly answered his question with a question of his own: "All depends, did it start with "Here hold my Beer"?" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Terms of engagement

Post by somewhereinusa »

Not sure if that's a redneck thing, or a beer drinker thing. :lol:

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Re: Terms of engagement

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somewhereinusa wrote:Not sure if that's a redneck thing, or a beer drinker thing. :lol:

Why yes....yes, it is!!

My sister is a Nurse and about 3 million of them in this country are incensed over a bunch of carp the tv show "The View" said about nurses...during the ranting and raving she found a t-shirt she is trying to buy that showed a dictionary definition of nurse....

Nurse; the first face you see after saying, "Hold my beer, and watch this...."

It is SUCH an Oklahoma thing....redneck beer drinkers!!

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