Giving thanks

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Giving thanks

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On this day back in 1988 my 4 year old daughter turned up missing. On that day I had reached a level of fear and anger that was new to me. It was frightening. It was on that day that I realized I was capable of hurting someone if I didn’t ask for help in finding her. Well, long story short. Some where around the 9 month mark with the help of my HP, a couple of detectives and a few friends she was found and brought home safe and today will be our 28th thanksgiving day together. I’m a very lucky guy. So on this day I give thanks ):o)
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Re: Giving thanks

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The terror nightmares are made of !! Cannot imagine how I would feel, but I do know how I would respond! One of the grandkids found a t-shirt and pointed it out to me that said, "If you mess with me, you better run for your life, cause my Grandpa is coming and Hell is coming with him!"

I told her they better be praying for Hell, 'cause I will be much worse!

So good that you got her back!! And still have her in your life!!

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