Come One, Come All, to the Workboat Rendezvous

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Come One, Come All, to the Workboat Rendezvous

Postby yugogypsy » Sun Mar 30, 2014 11:04 am

Hi Gang,

On the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of May, the B.C. Workboat Assn is having a Rendezvous at Cowichan Bay. I've been to one before, super friendly people, great boats!

Old tugs and other vessels that have been turned into pleasure craft.

I'm definitely going this year and this time I'll remember to take my phone--for the camera function! There were some gorgeous boats last time and my phone was at home.

Rufus, if you have a passport and a way to get here, you should definitely come, Stuart, I know you're too far away but I will do my best to describe the scene as posting pictures is still beyond my ken as the Scots say.

For those of you who love jazz, the last rendezvous had a string trio playing jazz, it was super

My boat is still sitting patiently in her cradle, well wrapped in tarps to keep the water out and with a small heater inside to dispel the damp.

Come better weather Mark 2 and I will be working on the keel.

I'm going to take my dinghy and row around taking pictures at the rendezvous, I may dress like a pirate, just for fun

Take Care Everyone
Bash On Regardless!

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