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Forum Outage

Post by stuartcnz »

For anyone who hasn't caught up yet. We have been having issues. Below is what I put on the temporary holding page:
Latest Update: 25th August 2016 -- See below
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the forum outage
Updates regarding the future of the forum will be made as soon as possible
Until then, contact can be made at nomad at
On August 16th, I discovered that the forum server had become corrupted. I have been unable to restore it. The latest database backup, from the forum, is from August 9th.

This is the second time that this server configuration has failed, and though I could rebuild it; I don't feel that it is resilient enough, to justify doing.

The forum is now over 12 years old, with a significant amount of high quality content. A considered decision needs to be made, on where to from here.

Monday 22nd August 2016: At this stage, things are not looking promising.

Current options are (1) Set up a forum, running on Python based software. This is the most likey, but also most challenging option; it will therefore be quite some time before anything of this nature eventuates.

(2) Someone could fund a Linode VPS to host the forum on, using the same PHP based software, that it has been running on; about USD 12.50 per month.

(3) We could look into advertising, based funding: This will not happen!

(4) Someone could volunteer to take over the forum. In which case I would have to discuss permission issues with Sharkey, but might be workable.

(5) Consider this to be the end of the road for the forum.

If any one wishes to retrieve their own content from the forum, they can email at the above email address, and I will set up a local instance of the forum to copy their content, and send to them.

Thursday 25th August 2016

After recieving emails from a couple of members, I have decided to go with option 1. This is, for me a mammoth task, which will take quite a bit of learning on my part, to pull off.

In the mean time, I will rebuild the server, and put the existing forum back online. I will document the journey to the new forum, on that one. and would encourage any members who wish to, to copy anything off the forum, that they consider important to them, in case we have further outages, before the new forum is production ready.

You should see the old forum restored here, sometime in the next week or so.

Good news: The forum server has by some miracle fixed itself. It will be online within the next 24 hours, as the DNS propagates back to the forum server.


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