Housetruck foundation in Montana

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Housetruck foundation in Montana

Post by motthediesel »

Anybody from Montana looking for a cool truck to build a housebody on? Check this out on ebay: ... gory=63743

It's one SWEEEEET '40 Kenworth COE ten wheeler. It reminds me of the "Herkimer Battle Jitney" from the movie "Mystery Men". Though if anyone besides my boys and I saw that film, I'd be surprized!
Someone please save this truck!
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Post by Damien »

In my books this is a 10/10 in terms of style, stability (tandem rear). If anyone buys this and fixes it up ... please keep in touch with me. I'd keep my eyes on something like this, with long-term goals and adventures in-mind. It's probably quite a mechanical job ... my firetruck was literally a turn the key and drive away affair. Hats off to anyone who has a go at this. Great lead for the right person. :P
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I know this is a old post

Post by uglyblue66 »

Did anyone ever inquire about this truck since it did not bring reserve? I would love to have the 40 log truck myself, the cab over is really neat though....
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Truck for sale

Post by J.B. »

This truck has been for sale numerious times thru several medias for years. I think the guy is gonna get his asking price or not sell it.

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