Raising a bus roof

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Raising a bus roof

Post by rxc463 »

I have been looking at the various housebus pics here in the barn. After seeing those great examples, I believe I might like to attempt to raise my bus roof in that fashion. Would appreciate any tips you folks may be willing to share.
I would probably be considering cutting the original roof free just behind the first rib leaving the front cap intact, and cutting horizontaly at the top of the window line right thru to the back of the bus, taking the rear cap off in the process.I would then weld new steel angle top plate both sides.
My questions would then begin with how to frame the sidewalls?
Probably looking at 12" lift max. Welded steel framing or wood framing?
Roof will definetly be wood frame and decking.
Very new to this whole concept of rolling homes so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. THANKS!
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Post by Sharkey »

Hello, and welcome.

Sounds like you are intending to remove your existing roof and build new construction to do the roof raise? I could send you over to look the the Blackman Family bus, but theirs is more of a raise-the-original project. My preference is to do the framing with steel and use a little wood as possible. Wood is a great building material for stationary buildings, but a poor choice for something that moves and is subjected to the stresses of the road. It's much easier to get a strong joint with simple welding techniques, whereas wood requires more intricate joining, glue, and carefully-placed fasteners. It's also damn heavy compared to tubular steel, and unless you are recycling good old timbers, full of knots, pitch pockets and will warp, twist and shrink as it dries. (You know how long they dry 2x4's at the mill? Just long enough to get the birds out of the branches!)

Let us know how it goes, post some pics for others who may want to do the same thing!
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