I changed my e-mail, now I'm inactive

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nee navservice

I changed my e-mail, now I'm inactive

Post by nee navservice »

Well, it's not as if I'm not inactive, I was just surprised that your forum software was so astute! Really, the e-mail account I used when I registered is now "inactive", I don't know why but I suspect the outfit that took over administration has decided they don't want to deal with the free accounts. I just set up another account and modified my profile. That's when your software notified me of my status (or state, I don't know which). If you could activate me, that is to say, make me active, (I keep hearing "wife" jokes here but I'll refrain) I would appreciate it.


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Post by Sharkey »

Well, yes, your account was inactivated automatically when you changed your email. The system sends out a message to your old email address asking you to confirm the change by clicking a link, which reactivates the account. If your old email account isn't working, then I get to do the activation manually. It's all a safeguard to prevent someone from comandeering your account in the event they gained access to your password or used a shared computer after you had logged in and not logged out.

You're activated again, be sure to check your profile and see that the email address is correct. If not we'll have to o it all over again.

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Post by Navservice »

Hi, I checked the e-mail setting, everthing is OK. There are a couple other things on my mind I think need saying. First I want to thank you for commiting the time, effort, and expense to provide the service and forum that I (and many others) value so much. I know I only have a small idea of the degree of commintment involved. Second, I've been following your "30 Years in a Housetruck" waiting to see how you go from being apparently broke to buying lots of land near the Oregon coastline. Must be a long story... I recently posted on Bus Nuts suggesting to the new guy with a Crown he wants to modify, that he check out your site. I can't think of a better example and source for info. Several other Crown owners also responded and asked questions about my bus. I didn't want to go through a long story again so I referred them here.

There's more to say but I'll cut it off here. Again, thanks,

Miles Hunter

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