OK, So its been a year !

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OK, So its been a year !

Postby peterb » Thu Feb 14, 2008 2:05 pm

I come back here and see that the situation is still normal... ?

Last time I visited, Sharkey was sniffing 55 gallon drums found in the yard, fighting rats, and living in the rain somewhere along the coast highway.

Now I see (in my absence) that he has been rear-ended (in Eugene ?), had a sick horse, is building a diesel pickup, and lost his server back in January... and these are just the problems he is "telling" us about !

Anyway, I am back from a long financial (IRS) illness, a visit to the VA hospital, and, learning that no-one will allow you to park your bus if you have four dogs... I am trying to relocate to Coos County, so if anyone has cheap ass no credit ideas on who, where, how ... tell me!

And yes, the Buffalo is still being worked on, I have to post pictures of my stove cut-down and conversion to propane for the bus, and some news on the propane regs for piping/sizing/and getting by in an inspection... right now we are in our third week of a four foot snow mess ... three 12-18" nights made our winter, now, it will not go away !
I'd send some pictures but cannot figure out how,
peterB H8H-649-190

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