Long Live the Sharkey!

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Long Live the Sharkey!

Postby SkoolieDude » Mon Dec 22, 2008 8:16 pm

Thank goodness for this site! I have visited this site for years and years, i remember it was probably a decade ago that i first started looking around the internet for school bus houses, and let me tell you it was tough searching! many hours i spent clicking on dead end links, as there just wasnt much info out there about it. i bought a 1985 international/lifeguard 6 window fullsize bus from a bus dealer in albuquerque and proceded to gut the inside. but it wasnt enough for me to just take out the seats, no i have to go and take out every single piece of interior sheet metal, exposing the whole rib cage, wiring and minimal ducting. i then proceded to cut out most of the roof and incorporate a 71/2 foot plexiglas jet cockpit canopy and reweld a new roof system. during that time someone gave me a copy of the Bible (not that one, the Rolling Homes one =^) ). Anyway the story goes on but i wont go on right now, but i will put some photos of it up as soon as i can find them. just wanted to say you are donig an AWESOME job with this site, nevermind that you havent changed the layout..you did it right the first time!! glad you have a forum now too, keep it up!

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