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ezrablu wrote:dburt :D and ooooh that's a good idea back them up together. I need a big bus boot now to inflate between the back doors....maybe a catapillar tube would work :D will make a fine guest bus. I have a feeling the Amish are gonna see it and want me to take the whole neighborhood to town on Saturdays :D
Oh yes they will. They are gonna love you.
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Rudy...Guess I'll have to put in one of those bus fare thingys :D

I drove them to town many times in my pickup truck to doctor appointments. Fannie just had her baby a month ago. Her husband Ben Miller went to a neighbor to use their phone and called to tell me :D

I was really shocked to hear how bad people rip them off when giving them rides! He said the guy that gave his wife rides to town (9 miles away) was charging them $45 EACH time! Well, I never charged them a dime and they have paid me back two fold with all that beautiful white oak boards. Not to mention the interesting and informative conversations I had with them on the drives. I have a lot I can learn from them 8)
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Hi Ezra, it never ceases to amaze me how much valuable things in this life are more than money. You know it, I know it, it would seem most other folks would know it, but I guess I'm wrong. What you got was more than likely ten fold and not twoo...
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Hey Ezra, if those buses have side doors you could park them parallel to each other with the walkway connecting the 2 side doors, kinda like a big "H".

Then you could plant a kitchen garden in one part and have like a BBQ/sunning area in the other. The walkway would be elevated because of the floor height between the buses but that's okay. Enclose it and use the area under the walkway for outdoor stuff storage.
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