IOU's to Momma

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IOU's to Momma

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Ok boys and Girls, gather round, it’s story time

Once upon a time a long long time ago. I met a woman. The funny thing was, although I was not her first the strangest thing happened. From the moment she laid eyes on me she love me. I mean not like a favorite flower or a new car. Not even like that new puppy that you’ve waited years to get because timing wasn’t quite right. No no no, im talking about a love so deep and core driven, that she made a commitment right there at that moment in time to love, cherish and protect me at any and all cost no matter what crossed our path until one or both of us met our end. She taught me to be kind and compassionate to others. She taught me to be a warrior but to only go in to battle if the cause was important enough. Throughout my life I have seen this remarkable women create great meals on a shoestring. Carry the burden of raising a family, making sure they had clean cloth as well as a clean, neat home to live in. She got the kids off to school on time as well as to after school activities. The funny thing is that for whatever reason there were times over the years that I forgot about the incredible effort she put in to the task of taking care of me and at times even took her immense love and devotion for granted but did she change her mind? Not one bit }:o) Over the years because of my own changes and even self-centeredness I caused her to worry and I've even caused her great pain at times but did that finely convince her that I was a bad investment and that she should dump me like a stock that was about to tank? Nope, not in the least. In fact it seemed that the worst I got, the more she loved me. Over the years we’ve gone our separate ways, some times for years on end but whenever we would cross paths again it was like we never parted. Even after all these years (57 years to date) and many mistakes on my part this remarkable woman still loves me and mine as much, if not more than she did on that very first day at that very first moment she laid her eyes on me. I’m so thankful I met this incredible woman when I did. This remarkable woman is my Mom }:o) looking back, it's no wonder my Dad adored her in such a deep, terminal way };o)


PS: If I had wanted to become a Super Hero, I know, without doubt she would have made me my own cape };o)

Peace along the way Mom
Dennis the bus dweller };o)
Peace along the way
Dennis the bus dweller N.Y.
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Re: IOU's to Momma

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Very nice
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