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Post by splummer »

hello all ,,, been a few years, thought I would stop in and see whats going on and to say hello hope all is well with every one here
just because you ride the bus , it doesnt make you a bus person
the bus stopped and i got on and thats how it all began

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Re: hello

Post by stuartcnz »

Things are pretty quite around here these days. But we aren't going anywhere. Just waiting for some new interested faces, or some old ones to become interested again.
In the mean time, the old archives are here for anyone to peruse.

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Re: hello

Post by somewhereinusa »

I'm still here and check every day. I haven't much to post, still working on bus. Just a lot of little things nothing spectacular to post about. You know trimming things out making cabinet doors finishing inside of cabinets.
I did saw a walnut log into boards that I am going to make the shower door out of along with some side windows out of the bus.

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Re: hello

Post by Stealth Camper »

I check in, too, very regularly.

Walnut - I have a walnut log waiting for me in east Tennessee. Blew down in a storm a couple years ago and sister said I could have it. It is still alive and growing! There are two limbs that have kind of taken off..they are now about 10" in diameter and 15 ft "tall"...on the side of the main trunk. Main trunk - about 30" diameter at base and about 75 ft long. Gonna need a bigger truck....

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