Solar Electric VW RV

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ol trunt
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Re: Solar Electric VW RV

Post by ol trunt »

Clever guy. It's always fun to see just what can be done. We'll probably see more of these projects as PV technology continues to improve and better batteries come to the fore. Jack
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Re: Solar Electric VW RV

Post by stuartcnz »

What I found interesting about this project, was the deliberate use of lead acid batteries, instead of the newer technologies. And the reason for doing so.
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Re: Solar Electric VW RV

Post by somewhereinusa »

Interesting, I wish he had posted more about the electrical part. I like the monitor for each battery although, I would think that a single monitor with the ability to cycle through the readings would have been more cost efficient and take up less space. Perhaps with a microcontroller, you could even have it show the lowest, highest and even have an alarm. How does one go about measuring the voltage of an individual battery that is hooked together in series?
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