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Solar System page updated

Post by Sharkey »

Over the course of the last month or more, I've finally gotten my renewable energy system reinstalled at the new place. It was a ~lot~ of work, even considering that much of the gear was already assembled. I had to build a new framework out of pressure treated lumber to support the PV panels, purchase aluminum angle to build more PV module racks, and dig a trench for the AC supply wiring. In all it was a job, but its done.

As a result, I've updated my "Solar System" page with photos and information about the new installation.

For those of you who wish to aviod MEGO as a result of long descriptions about esoteric electrical equipment, here's the short story:

The main 24 volt system with 18 Siemens SP-75 PV panels, all racked up in the front yard.

The power control cabinet, moved from the city installation and connected to the newly re-racked panels.

I'm keeping a close eye on the utility meter, and so far, I've purchased only 18 kilowatt hours (about $1.70 worth) of utility power over the course of the last ten days. That may change tomorrow, as we are going into a spell of clouds and rain, but it's sure nice to see some power coming out of the sky for a change.

cost of the system

Post by Gasoline »

Hi Sharky, although I'm not a member in this forum, but a frequent reader of your postings. Now to brief, I'm in India, South of Taminadu, and I'm interested in Solar system(for my Home needs).The system which you shown is very interesting and pl let me know what may be the cost involved?
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