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New Forum - Foodstamp Gourmet

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OK, so here we are, the first new forum in, well, nearly ever. Dennis' "Ghetto Pot Roast" topic thread has been popular, so I thought that it might be appropriate to have a forum category devoted solely to food. My main thinking in doing this was that if the food threads could all be placed in the same forum, then individual topic threads could be started with subject titles that described the recipe or cooking technique being explained in the thread text. This would allow the forum to be browsed (and searched) like a cook book or recipe file.

So, as such, start some new topics with your recipes. I've moved the Ghetto Pot Roast thread here to get things rolling. If you posted something in that topic thread, consider re-posting it here (copy-paste works fine) with a new subject title.

In case the little icon on the main forum page makes no sense, it's a cropped and scaled-down graphic of the image above, which is a scan from an old Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comic in which Fat Freddie cooks Italian dinner for the household.

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Hey Sharkey, is that Fat Freddie!?! :lol: Man, it's been so long, I'd forgotten all about the FFFB...
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