Split pea with smoked pork soup

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Split pea with smoked pork soup

Post by Dennis The Bus Dweller »

3 lb split pea's 2 lb smoked pork neck bones 1 big ol onion / diced 3 good size carrots / diced 4 or 5 cloves of garlic / diced a couple of bay leaves a little salt and pepper and 10 or 12 cups of water, put the lid on and just get on wit your bizniz and in 5 or 6 yours the bus is smellin right :D
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Post by Rudy »

Dennis, Your pictures always look so great. I think that I can smell them. I have the hamburger thawing out and will make your chili recipe today. It will be a 2lb batch. I may even use my new roaster device for the chili. Tanks for the fixin's. As always, a report along with pictures will follow. Rudy

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Post by dburt »

That smells as good as it looks! Love that digital smell technology coming thru! I will see if my son or wife can detect the same smell I can. I have to email my son and tell him to check out the forum threads on food. He is a techie nut, and always has to have the latest, best top-of-the-line computers so he should be able to detect and transmit the technology.

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Split pea with smoked pork soup

Post by yugogypsy »

Dennis, this is my fave soup, I will eat pea soup at least twice a day, I shall be adding to my shopping list-got peas, need a piece of pork.

Up here it would be yellow peas, and I throw in finely shredded carrot and a pinch of dry dill

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