Corned beef hash and peas

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Corned beef hash and peas

Post by Rudy »

A long time ago, I used to use a stove and cook on it. One of my favorite things that I made was a simple and quick dish. I would take a large frying pan and in it I would put a half of a stick of butter. I would heat it up and brown 6 cloves of diced garlic. Then I would put a can of corned beef hash in the pan and heat it up. Once it was heated, I shut off the flame. Then I would take the can of peas that I had drained the liquid from and mix it in the pan. The beauty of doing it this way was that the peas cooled down the mix while the mix heated up the peas. It is very clever. A minute after you put the peas in there, it is ready to eat and is just the right temperature. No waiting. Altogether, it takes about five minutes to make this dish.

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Corned Beef Hash & Peas

Post by yugogypsy »

Sounds good to me Rudy,

Only I think I'd have corn instead of peas, I prefer using canned peas in soup.

Or maybe some scrambled eggs with it if it were breakfast.

Sounds tasty in any case.
Cheers, Lois
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Post by ezrablu »

One of my dad's favorite breakfasts was eggs with hash. He would fry it in a skillet and eat it with a couple of sunny side up eggs and toast.

He also LOVED liver and onions. ahhh...many a meals were spoiled because of all of us kids going into a panic and crying the instant we smelled liver being cooked for supper. It was a complete a gag reflex party at the table and one of us kids ALWAYS ended up hurling Image

To this day I still can't understand why they tried to make us little kids eat that stuff which obviously was not going down without a desperate struggle :? It makes my eyes water just thinking about trying to swallow that crap that seemed to just grow BIGGER with every chew :D

To this day, just the smell of corned beef or liver makes me VERY sick to my stomach.
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Post by Dennis The Bus Dweller »

He also LOVED liver and onions
Ya baby, Bring it on 8) Emily has a Iron deficiency so liver is high in iron and M's been a good eater her whole life 8)
Peace along the way
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