When the generator quits ...

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When the generator quits ...

Post by Wallfly »

Some may find it disgustingly low-tech, but nevertheless this could be useful in the "boonies": http://solarcooking.org/plans/funnel.htm

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Post by ezrablu »

hey Wallfly...I don't think so at all. That is pretty cool and very easy to make AND inexpensive. I think lots of people will agree that solar cooker could come in very handy. I plan on making a solar cooker/oven and I think this one will be my first test run....thanks 8)
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when the generator quits

Post by yugogypsy »


Here's one I found ages ago and think would work well if you want some rice or such for lunch

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Those things work great. There was a plan for one in Mother Earth News (I think) about 1976. Made it with aluminum foil and poster board. Put it over a corning ware glass casserole type thing. Fantastic!

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