Sharkey is back!

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Sharkey is back!

Post by stuartcnz »

I received an email from Sharkey this morning. He is in the process of resurrecting his old website.
It is now at
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Re: Sharkey is back!

Post by Sharkey »

Before you get too excited, keep the corks in the champagne bottles, it might be needed for medicinal purposes.

There's a lot to do before there's anything worthwhile to see at the site. I'm busy unpacking boxes and prying the lids off of crates of who knows what that was thrown together the last time I was hustled off a server (May 2019). I left that place so fast that I didn't get a chance to sweep the floors or plaster up the holes in the walls where the pictures were hung so I could get my deposit back.

The good news is that the new hosting of the site should be a long-term arrangement. I had worked on the site for about seven months starting in fall of 2018, refreshing graphics, editing every one of over 400 pages of content, and updating the content management software to what was then the latest version (now three years out of date and about to be terminated by the developers) :screwy: .

If I can convince the CMS system to take to it's new home and not shrivel up and die in a corner, the site might be up in the next few days. We're supposed to be having a nasty cold snap and probably snow the rest of the week, so I can't go enjoy my new retirement hobby/exercise program (but you'll just have to wait and find out what that is when the site comes back) until it get warm-ish again.

Blog posts to follow (eventually),


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