"HOW" about a Tipi for a summer place }:o)

When you own that piece of land that you return to occasionally. You may wish to construct an off grid dwelling. This is the place to discuss different construction methods, materials, and types. Think straw bale, earth ship, yurt, etc..

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Dennis The Bus Dweller
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"HOW" about a Tipi for a summer place }:o)

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Hi Sharkey andothers

I have to go across the Island in a few weeks for a few month to build a custom kitchen and library along with a few walk in closets. Beacause of the naborhood the house is in bringing the school bus/home is out of the question. So, I ordered a 20 foot Tipi to stay in wile im working out there. I got the Tipi from the Colorado Yurt Co. After reading on the site and talking to them on the phone it seem that they make a really nice Tipi,Tent or Yurt. So im gonna give it a go. The pole got here this past Friday so I treated them with a mix of turpentine and boiled linseed oil to help extend their life. The Tipi cover should be here this friday. I can't wait to put it up and give it a try. A 20 footer is a pretty nice size so it should be a pretty nice living space for a few months. Well, it's not "bus" but it is "other" stuff :lol:
Peace along the way
Dennis the bus dweller N.Y.
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Jerry Campbell
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Hi Dennis,
Tipis are great, you'll love it. Living outside is wonderful, except in the winter. You get to hear EVERY sound.
Jerry of the northwest

PS. How does your Air-x perform. Have you thought about the large blade set you can buy for them.
I think I'll move this thread to the Power section
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