House truck in Hebrew..

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House truck in Hebrew..

Post by tamangel »

the link is the google translated page:

the enclosed animated vid does not translate over so if you want to see that, you will need to go to the original un-translated page..

unknown how to by-pass the commercial ... 00,00.html

Mike W


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Re: House truck in Hebrew..

Post by GoodClue »

Great conversion ... thanks for sharing ... appreciate the included tech drawings on the site. GoodClue :thumbup:
"ya gotta have art ..."

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Re: House truck in Hebrew..

Post by Mark R. Obtinario »

Nice looking housetruck.

My only comment is it looks to be a bit overweight.

Everything he has is still on only six 16" tires and wheels. 16" tires and wheels, regardless of the load rating will only be able to support a given amount of weight.

When one considers how much real wood and the length one has to start wondering how heavy it is once he gets all of his junk and plunder, food and water, etc. on board.

My biggest complaint about most stick and staple Motorhomes is there is way to much trailer for the truck underneath. And in this case I think he is overweight as well.

Just my two cents worth.

Otherwise, a really nice build.

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