Personal Message - where does it show?

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Personal Message - where does it show?

Post by rlaggren »


I just happened to notice I missed a PM from another member 2 weeks ago. Looking at the forum pages, I don't right off see where I'd be able to see if I had any (new) messages without going looking for them in the menus. Maybe I'm just having a foggy brain day, but... Is there something on the forum page(s) (the ones I normally would access to keep up with the forum) that will show whether I've got messages ?

Ah! Maybe I see it. On the left sidebar in the bullets under "Forum". Just have to pay attention now...


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Post by Sharkey »

There are two additional indicators of a waiting PM which can be set in your profile.

One is an email notification when you receive a Private Message. This is set as a radio button in your profile "Notify on new Private Message: Yes/No"

The other is a pop-up window set in your profile: "Pop up window on new Private Message: Yes/No", However if you have a browser that blocks po-ups, this might not work for you (I rely on the email notification, above).

Perhaps I need to make the menu item a different color when a PM is waiting?
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Post by Headache »

I went to look up my private messages and it said that private messaging has been disabled.

I wanted to send a PM to Sharkey. I will try email. =/
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