We Need the Chat Back ...

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We Need the Chat Back ...

Post by GoodClue »

Hello all,
Been too long, strange summer north of the equator, hope all south of the equator are having a good winter. Autumnal equinox is upon us ... here, 09-23-11, 4:03 AM Friday, Colorado time. Hope to be in the field filming the Celtic Ogham sites ... have upgraded my equipment, again, been too long.
Would love to have the Chat back ... easiest way to connect ... maybe I just can't find it ... please advise.
My best to all, GoodClue
"ya gotta have art ..."
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Re: We Need the Chat Back ...

Post by stuartcnz »

We do have a chat option, accessible only through the nomadicista.org url. The chat button is on the top right menu, next to FAQ, Members and login/out. I'm not really satisfied with it though, as it has crashed the server a couple of times when testing. Also I haven't seen a simple way of showing when people are in there, on the forum page.
To be honest I have been more concerned with getting the forum back to running smoothly, than working on chat. Maybe it is time to start putting more effort into resurrecting chat though.
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